Of the thousands of healthcare providers in the US, academic medical centers (AMCs) are unique in the fact that they embrace the tripartite mission – education, discovery and clinical care. There are fewer than 150 comprehensive AMCs in the US – with a variety of different organizational models used to align their teaching hospital, medical school and faculty practice plan elements. And yet they serve as the training grounds for the next generation of healthcare professionals, the crucible for cutting edge biomedical research, and the laboratory for new treatment.

Whitecap is proud to work with leadership teams of AMCs across the country to help them navigate changes to the healthcare paradigm that will influence the long-term viability of one or more of their core missions.

Did you know? Academic Medical Center Fast Facts

  1. Academic medical centers represent fewer than 5% of total hospitals in the United States; however, account for more than 20% of all clinical care based on hospital revenues
  2. AMCs tend to operate nearly all regional “standby” services – for example, 80+% of level 1 trauma and burn centers in the US are within AMCs
  3. More than 85% of federally funded research goes to academic medical centers or their component entities
  4. The top-ranked hospital in 35 of the 50 states (according to US News) is an AMC
Source: AAMC, NIH, US News