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Whitecap believes in a set of key philosophical guidelines related to capital asset planning that resonate with clients as they contemplate making large investments.

Capital asset investments are an enabler to institutional strategy, not the reverse
Do not aim to solve operational issues with capital solutions
Maximize the use of existing assets when strategically and operationally practical before committing new capital dollars
Capital asset planning should be backed up by detailed, rigorous financial planning to ensure feasibility
Capital asset planning should always include patient and clinician input and preference
Capital asset planning should build in longitudinal pivot points to enable clients to adapt to dynamic market conditions

Value Proposition to our Architect Partners

Whitecap supplements strong architecture teams and provides a competitive edge in strategic capital asset planning pursuits.

  • Quantitative and Analytical Expertise: Whitecap excels at rapidly translating vast amounts of data into well-organized, meaningful findings that are used to support assumptions and recommendations
  • Robust Understanding of Emerging Strategic Issues: Whitecap Partners work on 10-20 client-designated high priority projects per year so are always on the forefront of the emerging strategic issues and also have a broad representative client list to leverage in proposals
  • Ability to Influence Strategy and Finance Executives: Strategic and Finance executives are always key stakeholders in major capital asset decisions – these are also the same executives that typically engage Whitecap directly to assist in tackling their highest priorities so we are accustomed to providing the rationale and due diligence required to garner their support

We are the Bridge

Strategic Plan

Existing strategic plans and strategies
  • Clinical Program Planning

    • Key programs from Strat Plan
    • Other clinical programs - grow, maintain, decline?

  • Service Distribution

    Future delivery by disease type
    • Ambulatory
    • Inpatient
    • Home/other

    Future delivery by location
    • Hub hospital
    • Regional site

  • Activity / Utilization

    • Volume / capacity projections
    • Sensitivity analysis
    • Efficiency and throughout assessment
    • Industry benchmarks

  • Physician / Manpower Need

    • Current vs. future
    • Compensation planning / incentive alignment
    • Plans for succession, replenishment and growth

  • Financials

    • Profitability of new and updated spaces
    • Ability to fund projects
    • Return on investment

Refined Facility Plan

Transition to programming, design, and capital budgeting

Whitecap works with our architect partners to help bridge the gap from strategic planning to facility planning.

  • Many times clients start too soon with facility planning initiatives before answering key strategic questions and don’t realize it until they are in the midst of a major capital asset plan
  • Whitecap helps predict these issues during proposal development and addresses any unforeseen issues throughout the project to prevent delays and ensure project success

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