Children’s hospitals and health systems serve as the foundation for pediatric healthcare in the United States. These institutions provide clinical care to children living in urban, suburban, and rural communities, provide training grounds to the country’s next generation of pediatric providers, and many, in partnership with academic institutions, help fund research initiatives to find cures for disease and ailments.

Whitecap is proud to work with leadership teams of Children’s Health Systems and Pediatric Service Lines across the United States to advance their missions and ensure they are well-positioned in their respective markets. Our experts work with senior leadership teams on key strategic initiatives, including:

  • Institutional strategic planning and prioritization
  • Service line planning
  • Pediatric network development
  • Capital asset investment planning and decision making
  • Value optimization
  • Organization funds flow and incentives planning
  • Enhanced partnership evaluation

Did you know? Children’s Hospital Fast Facts

  1. Children’s hospitals represent less than 5% of total hospitals in the United States; however, account for 45% of all pediatric inpatient days
  2. In the United States, 30 Million children receive healthcare through Medicaid, representing 50% of total Medicaid beneficiaries, but only 20% of overall Medicaid spend
  3. CHIP provides insurance for 6 Million children ineligible for Medicaid, but lacking access to affordable health insurance from commercial insurers
Source: CDC, CHA