Whitecap is a market-leading cancer advisory practice. Our dedicated, oncology-subject matter experts have spent their entire careers working with cancer programs and understand the intricacies and uniqueness of cancer care – both in academic and community settings.

We have worked with more than half of the nation’s NCI-Designated Cancer Programs, and have unparalleled insight into the rapidly evolving oncology landscape. Our experts work with senior leadership teams on key strategic initiatives, including:

  • Oncology Strategic Planning
  • Tumor Program Planning
  • Oncology Physician Alignment
  • Cancer Program Facility Planning
  • Partnership and Affiliation Evaluation
  • Value Enhancement and Payor Strategy

Did you know? Cancer Fast Facts

  1. Approximately 1.7 million new cancers are diagnosed each year
  2. Only 4 tumor sites account for nearly 50% of US cancer diagnoses
  3. Cancer is projected to be the leading cause of US deaths by 2030
Source: ASCO, NCI